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Full Digital Business Solutions – 108 Digital

Full Digital Business Solutions

Let Us Help You Bring Your Business Online with our

Full Digital Marketing Solutions

Our Process In Brief

1. Website
We build a modern website that strongly reflects your brand online.
2. Digital Marketing
Our marketing solutions enable your potential clients to find you easily.
3. Management
Our team looks after your business as your business sees growth in the online world.
4. Reports
Our regular reports keep you updated of the status of your online businesses.

All of the above services are part of our Full Digital Solution package.

Give us a call at 020 3196 5781 to bring your business online

Our Process In Detail

Here's what goes into bringing a business online for the curious in you!

1. Initial Phase

Requirement Gathering

Before we proceed, we sit with you to discuss the requirements and gather information about your business. This is crucial as it helps form the best way to take your business online.

Product Analysis

Once we know what your product is, we analyze the online world to find out what platform would be most appropriate for your product.

Competition Analysis

Ranking for number one on Google and number two has significant differences. Therefore, we perform a competition analysis to find out where your competitors are and how we can outperform them.

2. Website Development

Static Website

A static website showcases your brand and lets your potential clients see what your company is all about. It usually has your company profile, your clients list, and a way for people to get in touch with you.

eCommerce Website

If you’re planning to sell your products online, an eCommerce website is what you need. It enables you to showcase your products, let people buy them online, and it even has the ability for online payments. All you need to do is, count money, literally.

Features of an eCommerce Website
Company Profile
This lets your potential client know what your company is all about.
Sell Locations
You can specify what countries you would like to sell in.
Online Invoicing
It enables you to provide your clients with online PDF invoices.
Products to Sell
Add products with name, images, descriptions, and variations.
Shipping Fees
Set up a per-location shipping fee for the orders.
Accounts Integration
Input online sales invoices into your system.
Stock Management
Ensure only the products in stock are for sell.
Online Payments
Integrate debit and credit card payment methods.
Live Chat
Interact with your visitors in real time.
Provide discounts with coupons or normal sales.
Tax Calculation
Add required taxes to the orders on the site.
Customer Reviews
Lets customers write reviews for products.

Amazon Selling Setup & Marketing

Our Amazon solution makes it easier for you to market and sell your products on one of the largest and complex eCommerce websites on the earth.

Here’s what we do to enable you to start selling on Amazon:
Seller Account Setup
We help create an optimized seller account for you so you can get started with the platform.
Add Products
Give us your product information and we will deal with Amazon how to add them to their platform.
Amazon FBA
Ship your products to Amazon for faster delivery to your Amazon customers.
We send you regular reports so you know how your products are performing.

3. Digital Marketing

Once a website is built, what needs to be done is marketing so it gets the exposure of a wider audience that it deserves. There are a number of methods that can be used to gain exposure and the following are some of those that we use and recommend.
Pay Per Click Ads

Pay per click ads have driven billions of pounds of business to various businesses and it is one of the highly effective methods to gain sales online. Mainly there are two platforms you can use for your PPC ads.

Google Ads
With over 3.5 billion searches on Google every day, it is important to have your business show up on the platform when your potential clients are looking for you. We help you do just that.
Bing Ads
Google is closely followed by Bing that is also the favorite browser for billions of people. We ensure your business shows up on Bing as well.
Local Business Listings

The yellow books are now online in the form of local business listings. With your business listed on various online business directories, your business is easily found on search engines as well as on these directories.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an effective way to drive sales and create brand awareness for your company. With billions of active users on many of the social platforms, you can’t ignore it.

4. Online Business Management

When your business is growing online rapidly, you need a professional team who can take care of it efficiently. We have a team that has looked after many online businesses for years and we would be more than happy to do it for you as well.
Here’s what we do so your online business never stops trading:
Website Management
It ensures your website is always up and running with latest software and security updates.
Amazon Management
It includes managing inventory, prices, and shipments.
Order Management
Your orders are managed by us so all you need to do is dispatch your products.
Live Chat Management
A dedicated person is online during your work hours to look after your website visitors and their queries in real time.

5. Reporting

When everything’s done, we send you regular reports for you to know how each platform is performing for your products. This includes your website traffic reports, financial reports, and advertisement reports.

Get In Touch With Us Today

Whether you are already involved in online businesses and wish to grow them OR you are someone completely new to selling online, we will make it possible for you.

Give us a call on 020 3196 5781 or email us at info@108digital.co.uk today to discuss your requirements