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Pay Per Click Advertising – 108 Digital

Pay Per Click Advertising

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click advertising and it allows you to show your ads to the relevant people on search engines as well as websites participating with the PPC networks. The most popular PPC networks are Google and Bing wherein you can show your ad to people who are typing in keywords related to your business on these search engines.

For example, if you are a car hire company based in London, you can create a PPC campaign that targets the keyword “car hire in london” to let people searching for this term find your website in search results.

How Can You Help Us with PPC?

We have set up and managed a number of pay per click accounts in various fields and over the years we have figured out what works and what doesn’t. With our years of experience in the PPC field, we have been able to create campaigns that are profitable for businesses like yours.

We use a variety of tools, innovative ideas, and data to come up with the structure of your PPC campaign. It ensures your campaign drives the results you expect it to and helps grow your business online in an instant.

Why is PPC Important to Grow My Business?

Unlike organic rankings, PPC lets you easily and quickly build a presence for your chosen keywords on some of the popular search engines. It also converts better than the organic traffic.
52% of people who click an ad contact the business
65% of ad clicks usually begin with the “buy” intention
PPC visitors are 50% more likely to buy something than organic visitors
Businesses make £2 in income for every £1 spent in ads
Google drives 95% of ad clicks on mobile
Approximately 70% of all online searches are Google searches

What We Do in PPC?

There are various sub-forms of pay per click advertising and we help setup and manage the following types of campaigns for your PPC marketing.
Google Ads
We set up and manage a Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) account for your business so you are ready to show ads on world’s largest search engine.
Bing Ads
Bing ads are also popular and we help you set up an account and required campaigns for you to get started with it.
We help you use remarketing so the people who have already shown an interest in your business can find you again.
Google Shopping Ads
We set up a products feed and a campaign in Google Ads so your products appear with their information right on the search results page on Google.

Ready to Go Online with Pay Per Click Ads?

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