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Website Developmentssss – 108 Digital

Website Developmentssss

Your Website is the First Thing People Notice About You

So it has to be a great one... and we help you create one...

Static Website

A static website lets you show the world what you have got to offer. It includes:
  • Your Business Information
  • The List of Services You Offer
  • Your Contact Information
  • Your Clients List

E-Commerce Website

An eCommerce website lets you sell products online. It includes:
  • An Online Products Catalog
  • Product Images & Information
  • Shopping Cart
  • Shipping Costs Calculator
  • Payment Methods
  • Order Emails

Tell Us What Kind Of Website You Want

and we will get back to you with a quote!

What We Do

We are a web design company that focuses on small and mid-sized businesses to help them develop high-quality and functional websites. Whether you have just started a new business and you wish to go online or you already have an offline business and you want more people to find out about you, our website packages will certainly help you get more exposure on the Internet.

The websites we build use the latest technologies, are flexible, and we can add and remove almost any feature you want on the site without requiring you to wait for months.

Features of Our Websites

Responsive Design
All the websites we develop are fully responsive meaning they look great on your desktops, smartphones, and tablets so you have the same experience.
Fast Load Times
Nobody likes waiting too long to access a website and so the website we build for you has fast loading times. We achieve that by optimizing website content.
Easy Navigation
We ensure the pages on the websites we build are easy to navigate by placing appropriate menu bars and links so your users can easily access any page.
Search Feature
If it is a large website, we make sure to include the search feature so visitors can easily find the information or item they are looking for on the website.

Types of Websites We Develop

Standard Website
This is an ideal website if you only wish a bit of an online presence.
eCommerce Website
Go for this if you are looking to sell anything online and wish to accept online payments.
Booking Website
If your product requires bookings/reservations, this is the ideal type of websites to build for your business.

Our Process

1. Requirement Gathering
2. Website Development
3. Website Launch
4. Maintenance

Some of the Websites We Have Developed

Auraa Design
GXI Group

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Email: info@108digital.co.uk